Calcutta or Kolkata is the capital of the state of West Bengal. The city of Kolkata experience a very humid and warm summers during the months of April to October with temperature reaching up to 42 'C. During the winter months the temperature drops to about 9.6 'C providing a pleasant weather to enjoy. The best time to visit the city of Calcutta is during the months of November to February.

Humid and also hot with temperature rising up to 40 to 43 degree Celsius. 

Generally, the average summer temperature varies from 24 to 38 degree Celsius. During summer, southwest monsoon wind blows over West Bengal. It brings heavy showers and thunder storms. 

During winter season, weather of Kolkata becomes mild and pleasant. Winter continues from December to February. The average temperature remains between 12 and 27 degree Celsius. Sometimes temperature in winter may fall to 10 degree Celsius. Monsoon season in Kolkata continues from June to September. The annual rainfall of Kolkata is about 160 cm. 

Climate of Kolkata remains moderate throughout the year with winter, summer and monsoon. The annual mean temperature of the city is approximately 26.8 degree Celsius.