10000m men

100m men

110m hurdles men

1500m men

200m men

20km walk men

3000m steeplechase men

400m hurdles men

400m men

4x100m relay men

4x400m relay men

5000m men

50km walk men

800m men

decathlon men

discus throw men

hammer throw men

high jump men

javelin throw men

long jump men

marathon men

pole vault men

shot put men

triple jump men



10000m women

100m hurdles women

100m women

1500m women

200m women

20km race walk women

3000m steeplechase women

400m hurdles women

400m women

4x100m relay women

4x400m relay women

5000m women

800m women

discus throw women

hammer throw women

heptathlon women

high jump women

javelin throw women

long jump women

marathon women

pole vault women

shot put women

triple jump women




BAR: The crosspiece of wood, metal or plastic which high jumpers and pole-vaulters must clear.

BATON: A smooth, hollow metal or wooden tube which is passed from one relay runner to the next.

BOX: The contoured dugout in which pole-vaulters place their pole to jump over the bar

CIRCLE: The round area within which shot-putters, discus and hammer throwers must stay when throwing their respective projectiles.

RUNNING SHOES: Special (100M) shoes with no heels are used which have 11 crampons which cannot be longer than 9mm in length.

RUNNING SHOES: Light running shoes (MARATHON) are used, thus reducing the strain on the athlete

RUNNING SHOES (STEEPLECHASE) Crampons in the front of the shoes are shorter making it easier to clear the steeples. Reinforced heels are used to soften the impact of the landing.

DISCUS: A wooden plate rimmed with metal, thrown by athletes aiming for the greatest distance.

HURDLES: The obstacles which contestants must leap over in a hurdles race.
JAVELINE: A metal or wooden shaft with a metal point, similar to a spear, thrown for distance.

HAMMER: A heavy metal ball attached to a wire cable which is attached to a handle, used for the hammer throw.

SHOT: A heavy metal ball used in the shot put.